Honolulu Club’s Lab for Innovative Fitness

LīF (pronounced “Life”)

The Lab for Innovative Fitness is the newly established fitness think tank of the Honolulu Club. Here, the Club’s experts activate their combined knowledge and experience about fitness, health and wellness to create dynamic programs designed to create a leaner, longer and stronger you. līfMOTR is a new program and the first creation of LīF. It uses technology-based conditioning with a unique piece of equipment which is very versatile and firstly introduced to the Islands by the Honolulu Club, the MOTR™. Training with the MOTR™ ignites your core muscles, improves flexibility through full range of motion exercises and strength with easily adjustable weight levels to further tone the body. The cardio portions of the training are smoothly integrated in the exercise flow to boost the metabolism. Heart rate monitor tracking ensures that each participant is training at optimum levels for unparalleled results.

Having shaped the local fitness landscape for over 35 years, the Honolulu Club introduces the Lab for Innovative Fitness as the next evolution to their ongoing commitment to excellence.


līfMOTR is a technology-based conditioning program that will enhance your strength and flexibility while revving up your metabolism.  This creates a leaner, longer, and stronger you! Members and non-members are welcome to experience līfMOTR at the Honolulu Club.

līfMOTR is designed around the MOTR™, a cutting edge piece of fitness equipment that allows you to train cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, core and balance all at the same time. Heart rate monitor tracking ensures that each participant is training at optimum levels for unparalleled results. Drive your transformation!


līfMOTR classes are group training sessions conducted with a certified LīF Fitness Instructor lasting 50-minutes. See the līfMOTR Class Schedule for days and times.

līFMOTR Class Rates

Members Visitors
Drop-in $13 $25
Unlimited Monthly Pass $130 $250

All unlimited month passes carry a 31-day expiration from the date of purchase.

To register for a līfMOTR Class, call the Front Desk at 808-585-9626. Please note that all reservations are subject to availability and it is recommended that you call at least one day in advance.

View the līfMOTR Class Schedule

This program is best executed with bare feet, or special socks with grip.

A heart rate monitor is recommended for this class to increase its effectiveness. Please bring your own Ant+ heart rate monitor or purchase one from our Front Desk at $35 per piece.

Please come 5-10 min before the class starts to set up your heart rate monitor and find your mat and MOTR.

Honolulu Club Member Benefit

All members receive special member pricing on līfMOTR classes!

līFMOTR Cancellation Policy

Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all lifMOTR class reservations. Notice must be given at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule a session to avoid paying the full class rate. Contact the Front Desk at 808-585-9626 to reschedule or cancel a session.

līfMOTR Training Team

About the Instructors

The lifMOTR instructors are the industry’s elite leaders in their fields.  They hold extensive knowledge and possess the ability to communicate their knowledge effectively to produce results.

Terri Dietz
Terri DietzlīfMOTR Instructor
Specializes in strength and interval training through her background in competitive aerobics and as a Master Trainer for Tabata Bootcamp™.
Li Si Yang
Li Si YanglīfMOTR Instructor
Specializes in myofascial release and alignment training as a personal trainer and co-inventor of the Fitness Cue®.
Janna Young
Janna YounglīfMOTR Instructor
Specializes in functional fitness and balance training as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.